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There aren't many creatures I look at and feel nothing but disgust...

But there are a few
IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
What the fuck is that thing?
IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
@caPnAhab I know what a tick is. I just never saw a tick that looked like that. I'm an exterminator and yet I never saw one that looked as crazy as this one.
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@IWasCallingYaLarry oh dang, yeah it's gnarly 😂
IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
@caPnAhab One almost burrowed into my brother's beck once when we were kids, and then our grandpa quickly took it off him and crushed it.
why did you do this to me, i am about to have breakfast now i think i will just have a breakdown.
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@deathfairy don't you know by now not to browse SW and eat at the same time??
i know and still do it 🤣 @caPnAhab
Yeah. It's amazing how much trouble that one thing can cause. I hope my vet was right and cats are immune to Lyme
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@ImperialAerosolKidFromEP I hope so. Anyway, I heard it's more easily treatable if you can detect it early.

My moms had it most her life, unfortunately only received a diagnosis a few years ago
It really used to gross me out removing tics from my dogs ...ugghhh yeuch

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