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As a historian (Creation Historian) many people ask me why the dinosaurs only survived for 500 years. The answer is a simple one and an answer that

will make sense. You see, 6000 years ago the Earth was a much different place that it is today, it was covered with jungles and all sorts of poisonous plants. It was at this time that the dinosaurs were created to make the Earth habitable for humans, this included clearing the excess vegetation and making fields so that humans could toil in the fields. Other works carried out by the dinosaurs was to make waterways for human boats such as the English Channel and of course the Panama and Suez canals (did you really think they were just 'there'). After this the dinosaurs were ordered into the crevasses and to become oil and gas. So, you see...the dinosaurs were useful and still are.
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AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@hunkalove Thank you Sir I feel it is my duty to pass on my wisdom. In regard to the asparagus it is because your bladder (this is the organ that digests your food) has decided that it is shite and you should never eat it again.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
@AndysAttic Thanks for BA!

Dshhh · M
okay,,, okay,,,, I get it funny man,
I hope they all respond and you can tease them without mercy
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Dshhh I have no wish to tease Sir.
Dshhh · M
@AndysAttic 😉 yeah reducto ad absurdem
a fine hobby
BibleData · M
Well. . . . I mean, if you want to suggest something like that you have to have some scriptural support. Which you don't.
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