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While America slumbers and sleeps …

SlaveEt · 36-40, F
Not all of us are asleep, just the morons at the wheel. I admire the Texas folks for stepping up and doing right by all of us though. Major kudos to them!
@SlaveEt indeed kudos to them! 👏
@SlaveEt However the video is about the terrorists already crossed over into our country! Oh yeah! And again most of America is indeed sleeping … but thank God for Texas and Florida who don’t pussyfoot around with criminals!
Obviously I know that many care. But the fact I’m trying to make is terrorists are are still entering the country and many are Chinese.. and many are Iranians ….

Nothing like the many that assume without watching the video… but by assumptions, have answers… please.. spare me!

And yes… Most of America is sleeping!!!
We can care about it but they’re still coming in Iarge amounts and many of them as the video brings out, hate us and want to kill us!! They’ve just changed up to another point of entry.
LeftWingProgressive · 22-25, T
on behalf of all racist white girls like you i am OFFENDED
@LeftWingProgressive That’s tough!
@LeftWingProgressive This video is about the terrorists entering the country and not just illegal immigrants! Learn to listen if you’re going to post your idiocy ! But you are gone!

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