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I Am South African

Contrary To Popular Belief... I have met quite a lot of people online, and I have found one common misconception among them time and time again. People from other countries don't exactly know what is going on in South Africa. They confuse the country South Africa with the continent Africa. So I would like to clear up this misunderstanding.

The country South Africa is located at the southern tip of the continent Africa. But what goes on in South Africa differs vastly from most rural countries in Africa. I do believe that the Soccer World Cup of 2010 helped to show foreigners what SA is like, but I don't think it was enough.

Firstly, not all South Africans are black. I don't use the word black as a racial slur, I simply use it for lack of a better word. SA is in fact a rainbow nation. There are South Africans of all colors; race doesn't determine citizenship. I happen to be Caucasian.

Secondly, we do not walk around in the bushveld surrounded by lions and all other kinds of wild animals. We are a civilized country. There are lions and such in Zoos and National Parks, but not in our back-yards. We have normal pets like cats, dogs, snakes etc...

Which brings me to my last point. Yes, apartheid has been abolished. We are no longer the racist country we used to be back then. Although, in my opinion, our government is just as incompetent as ever. Though I think it is a common occurrence for people to be unsatisfied with their government.

To wrap it all up, we are a civilized country in our own right. We may mess things up from time to time, but who doesn't? I simply felt a need to share this to stop the misconceptions about my country. I am no patriot, but I hate having to answer the same uninformed questions time and time again. Hope this sheds some light on the country I live in.
I agree and theres nothing wrong with being a patriot. Our country is a mess and our politics resemble that of a Leon Schuster movie. But its our country and i love it and I will never immagrate to some grey clouded Eurapian country.
Thank you for clearing that up. The amount of times I get asked about lions in my backyard is just ridiculous. I was even asked if I ride an elephant to go places, to which I had to respond, no I drive a car.
Yes, yes, YES!!! I completely agree :)

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