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Smoke away all you want........................

Nobody tells you not to smoke here. All the bars have ashtrays. Oh to be away from puritanical countries...馃檪
drymer56-60, M
I don't miss one bit eating with the smell of cigarettes all around me. Here in Vancouver public smoking has been virtually eradicated and I think its GREAT. Sadly the downstairs neighbor smokes regularly so it often happens that I open my window to get fresh air and all I get is their second-hand smoke. I mean, if they enjoy smoking so much, can't they smoke inside their apartment with their windows closed and enjoy all that smoke for themselves? It not just the smoke that's annoying, they also cough like they have bad lung disease... but, hey, smoke away, not that smoking has anything to do with health issues, right...?
@drymer I was in Toronto...I know the problem..
HannibalAteMeOut22-25, F
If that's how we measure puritanism then I guess in my country we draw the line at lighting cigarettes with church candles
dimfok22-25, M
@HannibalAteMeOut 螝伪渭 蟿慰蠀 螕魏蟻喂蟼 纬喂伪 谓伪 蟿畏谓 尾蟻蔚喂蟼馃ぃ
HannibalAteMeOut22-25, F
@dimfok 谓伪 蟿畏谓 尾蟻蔚喂蟼 魏伪喂 谓伪 蟿畏谓 伪魏慰蠉蟽蔚喂蟼
dimfok22-25, M
@HannibalAteMeOut 伪蠀蟿慰 尉苇蟻蔚喂蟼 伪魏慰蠉纬蔚蟿伪喂 蔚尉伪喂蟻蔚蟿喂魏萎 喂未苇伪
shanefromaus41-45, M
You are in France right? Over here the only place you can smoke inside is in your home. And if you are seperated and have kids, your ex can even stop you doing that. Not saying I disagree, I'm a non smoker.
@shanefromaus you cannot stop people from smoking here..even in rented accommodations
Im an off & on again smoker. I always smoke outdoors and don't give it a second thought. It keeps me from smoking more tbh
exchrist31-35, T
Idk in germany and most of europe they did that too but i saw people smoking inside in uk in germany and that was 2005. Idk about now
As an Australian.. I can鈥檛 sit on the beach and have a beer or a ciggy.

The real nanny state 馃嚘馃嚭
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout that is totally NUTS. Looks like Oz is even ahead of Canada in the Woke department....
It is a form of Puritanism..ahh The French馃毈
pdockal56-60, M
So because YOU want a cigarette i should either avoid the establishment or suffer thru your second hand smoke ?
Aren't you infringing on my rights to breathe clean air ?
Your being selfish !
@pdockal nobody cares.....second hand smoke...with cars all around , u kidding right ?
pdockal56-60, M

Your kidding right ?

So cars are in the resturants ?
ninalanyon61-69, T
Where is 'here'? I need to know so that I can avoid it. The last thing I want to inhale is someone's smoke.
@ninalanyon She had said, weeks ago, that she was in France, but France banned all indoor smoking in public places 15 years ago. Maybe Amsterdam??
@ElwoodBlues it is only in schools, offices and government buildings. Even landlords cannot stop you from smoking,,,馃槑

Yes I am in France @ninalanyon
Where are you?
@Iwillwait Now ? France.
@revenant 馃 I can act distasteful and smoke in public?

I almost resent quitting smoking so many years ago. 馃槚
@Iwillwait sure...come on here 馃槉
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
that sounds nice, but I'd rather have prudes around me and a good healthcare system and government funded education, rather than being able to smoke at bars
I'm a smoker and have never once felt "oppressed" having to go outside ro exercise my personal choice.
@MethDozer oh but in some cities in north america there are all areas on the ground where one is not allowed to smoke albeith surrounded by millions of cars...
@revenant Why would you want to smoke at a playground to begin with though?
@MethDozer did I mention playgrounds ? where kids are driven in personal cars ? have you seen the school's exits around 3.30 pm ? and all the fumes. That is beside the point.

Parks....you think my smoke is going to affect you , you 500 meters away , getting into your car ???

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