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DeSantis says, "Florida is where "wokeness" goes to die" FINE! Thanks to him thieir economy is plunging into a black hole.

Crops are rotting the fields, construction nearly at a standstill, it's only going to get worse. DeSantis (Like Trump, are both subject to self sabotage I have no clue as to why. I think their shared hatred comes from a long -standing sense of self- contempt.
bookerdanaM Best Comment
Woke is the word coined by white wing bigots to distract from the murder of George Floyd...ironic considering the actual history of that word 馃槵
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@bookerdana 鈥淐o-opted", not coined.
@bijouxbroussard Stole..to mean anything

Someone called me a "Stupid "F" for posting this. It clearly demonstrates the mentality of the extremist right. I'm grateful for the "block" option to keep white trash away from me.
@Grateful4you That鈥檚 the "hit dog hollering" right there. Someone who can鈥檛 face the truth, so they attack the messenger. 馃え
@bijouxbroussard ad hominem is likeee the dumbest logically fallacy too hahah its always that or strawman for them i mean be silly all you want but have a debate with me
To turn their catchphrase around, "fight against 鈥榳oke鈥, go broke". And it couldn鈥檛 happen to a more deserving fellow.
@bijouxbroussard Thanks for the correction. I'm so glad my dad was pro-active in the 60's for hiring gays and black people for managing his supermarkets. People warned my dad there would be backlash from his customers, instead, it made his markets far more popular. The majority of people wanted equal rights.
@Grateful4you but remember, DeSantis was cheered by a lot of people when he pulled the immigrant stunt. The DeSantis' of this world are where they are because they've been empowered. If it wasn't for the base Trump is just a lying blowhard with silly hair. If DeSantis disappeared in a puff of smoke another DeSantis-like politician would step into his place because a faction of the population strongly supports it. It may not be a majority but it's a big enough minority, as we've seen, to change the country.
I think all of this is going to end very badly.
@robingoodfellow Sad but true. People like Trump and DeSantis tap into the racism and xenophobia that are still very much a part of this country鈥檚 character. If those problems weren鈥檛 still here, they wouldn鈥檛 be able to do that. 馃槥
Im 'woke' ig id die there
@TryingtoLava Glad to know I'm in good company. 鉂わ笍
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
DeSantis figures a bunch of P*$$ed off Floridians will blame it all on Biden in 2024. After all, he cant run in Florida again.馃樂
@whowasthatmaskedman And now anyone leaning left is a "Commie pedophile" This ploy is straight out of the Nazi playbook, they were in the middle of economic depression so they blamed the Jews. I'm afraid people like me will be a part of the "Final solution" once fascism is completely in place.
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
@Grateful4you For a year or two now I have been saying that smart Americans who can will find another place to live.. Its not just the intolerance, corruption and ignorance. The nation is so deeply indebted to other nations, and the currency is balanced on a knife edge, supported only by its utility as the international trading standard. And that rug is being pulled out from under it by the Chinese, Saudis and others. With the record of the rich getting all the breaks there is going to be a lot of poverty to go around pretty soon and people get mean when they get hungry..馃樂
akindheart61-69, F
not sure where you live in florida but i live near the LARGEST agriculture spots in the world in Florida. Nothing is rotting here. construction is booming and we are doing just fine.
Sorry, my spelling is a little off tonight.

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