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I Love My Church and Church Family

I’ve been going to my current church for around ten years. I grew up in the Church of Christ, a very conservative and legalistic denomination. When I went to college, I did some church hunting, as I wasn’t happy with the legalism and conservatism of my past churches. Eventually my ex and I found my current church. I fell in love with it, but she didn’t. So thankfully, after we broke up, we went our separate ways, and I stayed at my current church.

Lately, I’ve found that my church has been swinging in the totally opposite direction. I wasn’t satisfied with the Church of Christ denomination because they were too conservative. However, my current, nondenominational church is starting to become too far left and incorporate lots of left wing politics into the teaching. It’s always been my belief that politics should stay out of Christianity. Jesus and His original disciples never were political and made it clear that the Gospel is not a political message.

After the brutal murder of George Floyd, our pastors have insisted that we get involved in the BLM movement. While I do agree that black lives matter, as I think most people do, I don’t support their mission. If you check their Web site, you’ll see that one of their goals is the destruction of the nuclear family. They also always paint racism as a political, or in their words “systemic,” problem, and not a sin problem. I can’t support that view.

Another problem I’ve noticed, which started a few years ago, is that we’ve hired a couple of female pastors who regularly preach on Sundays as well as appointed some female elders. The Bible makes it pretty clear that women shouldn’t preach or teach men in the church. When this happened, I saw it as a slippery slope, and now that we’ve hopped onto the BLM bandwagon, I see that I was right.

I really do love my church family. I’ve made some great friendships, and our main pastor is such a great man of God. I just feel that many are being deceived by worldly and demonic messages like “white centering” for example. It would hurt if I had to leave my church behind, but I’m considering doing it for my own good and maybe as a wakeup call for others.

At the moment we aren’t meeting in person due to COVID-19. The leadership has just been posting a worship video with a sermon every Sunday. I’ve still been watching those, but I’ve halved my weekly tithe. Once we’re able to meet in person again, I think I will go to our first service and maybe go every other week. But the weeks in between, I think I’m going to check out some different churches. A good friend of mine is a youth minister at a local black church. I think I’ll try out that church.
curiosi · 61-69, F
The Bible is very clear, God first. If you feel in your heart that is not what is happening here then it is time to move on. In the end we will all stand ALONE in front of God and answer to Him.
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
@curiosi I *think* most people at my congregation are putting God first, or at least they are trying. However, my fear is that this is turning into “politics first.” 😞
Baremine · 70-79, C
What blm wants is not scriptural. Compare what is going on in your church to the Bible. If the church doesn't measure move on.
RopinTexan · 31-35, M
@Baremine What BLM wants, meaning the destruction of the nuclear family?

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