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Does it affect your prayers and how often you do them when you harbor hate or anger inside towards another?

God claimed revenge is His.
But sometimes you wish it now and soon. And it makes you feel like a different person in your own eyes and heart

If you delight in your enemies' misfortune, it's said that God would be displeased and turn His anger away from them.
But aren't we human? No, I am not justifying.
But are not karma and misfortune what retribution and revenge are about?

Part of me is tired to hold myself on standards that hurt my own feelings.
But the big part of me knows and have experienced enough to know God is not petty.
So perhaps it is own perception that has been clouded. I honestly don't know. But I am tired of trying to be perfect.
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
Karma is real.
It's okay to be human. It's ok to be angry
I just ask for forgiveness when I pray. The angrier I am, the more I ask for forgiveness. Emotions are a part of healing. Please don't be hard on yourself. Remember it's important to feel all your emotions before you move on.
NativePortlander · 51-55
I once heard a very religious retired Vietnam Infantry Officer say that sometimes god turns us into his instruments of vengeance, he was my late uncle. He took it from the book of Ecclesiastes, where it says a time of war and a time of peace, the 60's group, the Byrds, turned it into the song Turn, Turn, Turn.
NativePortlander · 51-55
@Casheyane Yes, released in the 60's during the height of Vietnam.
Casheyane · 26-30, F
@NativePortlander What do you believe?
NativePortlander · 51-55
@Casheyane For thousands of years it was recognized as a basic human right to go after those that wronged us, and even during my own childhood and adolescence we had something called the code of the schoolyard, to face down those who tried to bully us at the end of the school day, as well as during summer vacation, believe it or not, things were a lot more civilized back then, respect was automatic, it was trust that had to be earned. Over the past 30 years things have gotten worse, Millennials and Zoomers were taught different ideals through leftist ideals that has eroded civilized society and brought rabid tribalism to the surface. Yes, tribalism has always existed, along with extremism, but society had always kept it in check in the past, now it is running wildly rampant with more and more outbursts of mob violence, while leftist political leaders refuse to reign in their own side, encouraging it. 40 years ago I was entering my teen years and a new movement called survivalism, now called prepping, was starting to emerge. Hollywood in its infinite stupidity decided to make a movie ridiculing it, called the Survivalists, starring Robin Williams, Walter Matthau, and Jerry Reed, John Goodman even had a small part in one very prominent scene. What was satirized 40 years ago is now taken very seriously these days, shit has been hitting the fan over the past decade and a half, are you prepared?
"Come, just as you are"

Perfection belongs to God alone.

Pure acceptance is the beginning.
TexChik · F
I pray for guidance and help .

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