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A "Miracle" ... After Holy rosary prayer

once I tried all 4 parts of the holy rosary, 3 times in a row, after each 4 parts I had a 30 minute break...
it took almost 8 hours
whoever succeeds even only 2x in a row, already feels the great light, but after three ..
but when I prayed the complete holy rosary 3 times in a row, it already created a state for me, it was like the opiates that some peoples take... but without any subsequent bad states..
and that day when I slept, I had to visit the heavens, because then I experienced the most beautiful and intense dreams I've ever had... until then I had never been in such a "place" in a dream..
this is probably how the real world we are going to look like, there is complete peace and a nice atmosphere, music was playing in the background like in some game, everyone there was very friendly..
Matt85 · 36-40, M
That's cool. One time I prayed to dream about Heaven and then I think I did, there was also music.

My Dad gave me a rosery the other day.
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