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Is the Lake of Fire as spoken of in Revelation Literal or Symbolic.

I often wonder if the lake of fire spoken about in Revelation is literal or symbolic what are folks views.
Either way I think it's to be avoided at all cost.
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
@SW-User Great answer
I have given a lot of thought to this subject since i put the post on.
I have come to the conclusion that the Lake Of Fire is definately symbolic, when considering that God is a righteous God and will judge all unbelievers at the Great White Throne, according to how they have lived and their attitude to him, some will deserve severe punishment others less, i think we all know people who are not believers who do good things through out their lives.
So taking this into account i cannot see how a just God would cast these people into a burning furnace and suffer agony for all eternity and even the worst of folk that would be terrible. If the Lake Of Fire is literal they would only suffer untill they were consumed and after they would be dead.
But what i think is that they will be physically in Hell for eternity and they will suffer great regret and their past sins will haunt them for eternity.
I am not trying to lighten the eternal destination and it is a place to avoid at all cost.
Adstar · 56-60, M
@SW-User Of course you can have your beliefs on the subject.. You do have your beliefs on the subject Right?? right.. So why would me expressing and advocating for an alternate belief cause you to delete??

On this issue there can only be 3 possibilities..
1 your correct..
2 I'm correct..
3 Where both wrong..

i never understand why simple disagreement causes people to become traumatized..
walabby · 61-69, M
@Adstar I'm going with #3, but that's just me... :)
Adstar · 56-60, M
@Adstar I'm going with #3, but that's just me..

LOL i am so surprised walabby... Not!
SDavis · 56-60, F
Well I believe it's real - even just looking at the Earth's core - consist of brimstone now called sulfur and it is fiery hot and the liquid (metals) could be considered a lake 🤔
SDavis · 56-60, F
@SW-User some do think like you - but from the description of Hell's fire which is called fire and brimstone in Scripture that exists in the center of the Earth. And God will destroy this Earth and this heaven.
@SDavis If it is literal then their bodies would be consumed and they would be dead for the rest of eternity ie no more suffering is that what you mean?
SDavis · 56-60, F

Matthew 10:28 _

Tells us not to fear the one who can kill the body only but fear Him who can kill both body and soul in hell.
I think much of the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally and I never found the book of revelation to be anything other than someone’s weird dream.
Adstar · 56-60, M
It is Literal..

The torment of those who will be cast into it is testament to just how literal it is..
@Adstar If it is literal then their bodies would be consumed and they would be dead for the rest of eternity ie no more suffering is that what you mean?
Adstar · 56-60, M
@SW-User Not if they where given indestructable bodies that had eternal life...

When the reasurection happens people will be given eternal bodies.. Some will spend eternity with Jesus in His perfect eternal existence and some will spend eternity in the Lake of fire..
Thandeka · 31-35, F
When you die and are sentenced to it then it'll be literal I don't know if that makes sense.
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
Grinding and gnashing of teeth sounds literally like hell.
Baremine · 70-79, C
It is real.
Greyjedi · M
@Greyjedi you stopped commenting you must not care about my soul anymore. People who care don’t leave people. All you care about is yourself and the animalistic paranoid lies you have been taught.
Baremine · 70-79, C
@Greyjedi whatever. I can't change what you believe. I can tell you the truth that God loves you and that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I can tell you I know God is real. But you refuse to believe that. I choose not to argue anymore. It has nothing to do with caring about your soul. In the end it is your choice where you spend eternity. The way of the cross is foolishness to them that perish.
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HappyCamper74 · 46-50, M
I believe it to be literal.
saintsong · 41-45, F
I have Schizoaffective disorder and I have experienced a lot of what is written in the book of Revelation quite literally, just as it is written and explained clearly literally. Yes it is truth.
walabby · 61-69, M
Symbolic, if even that! I'll tell you in 20 years or so.. XD

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