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should alec baldwin go to prison?? he could of aimed over target's shoulder al least. and checked the ammo before filming

WillaKissing · 56-60
Would of or should have been are too late to ask about. The way the law is written though is pretty clear. There is a reckless Homicide charge that fits his actions, just as if I threw a stone off of a five-story building knowing people were walking below me on the street and the stone hits a person on the head and they die. I would be liable for reckless homicide and not murder or premeditated murder. So should Mr. Baldwin be with his actions acting recklessly and causing the death of another. Actually, the Reckless homicide would apply even if I did not know folks were walking below me.

Oh, shit this was an accident only applies to cars and accidental vehicle accidents.
Madmonk · M
No. He is not at fault.

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