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When did they stop making white chicks like Ava Gardner?

She was interesting and freakishly beautiful.
She was an atheist.
She became a member of the NAACP in August 1968

PatKirby · M
A vintage favorite for sure. Every woman has her own charms like another vintage favorite, Hedy Lamarr...

Not only did she have great looks but with an IQ of 140+ she co-created and patented a technology in 1942 to help sink Nazi U-boats. The tech behind GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.
Micro · 36-40, M
A beautiful woman like Ava, only comes around every 70 years or so..😊
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AmericanAvenger · 56-60, M
@Micro Love them - but I cant leave out Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Becall, Barbara Stanwyck - probably the best film noir babe.
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Micro · 36-40, M
@PatKirby They say Marilyn Monroe had a extremely high IQ as well, and was paid a lot in her contract to play the persona of a ditzy blonde, even though she was a brunette. I know that sounds sexist but obviously it was a different time in Hollywood back then. that's what the documentary said about her on TCM Turner Classic Movies.
Sodabot · 26-30, M
Wow a beauty spotted
PatKirby · M
PatKirby · M

Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren.
Micro · 36-40, M
@PatKirby Yes! Now that you mentioned it. Good eye.
PatKirby · M

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