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I've always been interested in Catholicism

I just find the forms of worship so inspiring. I love to pray the rosary. But I could never convert because I live with my boyfriend so that is considered mortal sin. It's not that I'm not wanting to marry its just we can't afford to right now. Before you tell me so don't live together he's disabled/has mental health issues and needs my help and I need his support for my own mental health. We look after each other. Also I'd struggle with mass at church as I can barely leave my home because of my anxiety. I can only handle small amounts of incense smoke because I'm asthmatic too. I tell myself maybe one day when I'm better and married it will be possible. Until then I'll just pray my rosary and ask the saints for intercession for my prayers at home.
Goodlife · 26-30, M
According to the Pope thats nothing.
He called biden a good man. As far as the Pope is concern.You can tell the whole world that I believes in abortion and be called a good man.
RubiesandButterflies · 46-50, F
@Goodlife Oh I didn't know that. To be honest I don't follow Biden I'm British.I'm against abortion unless the woman was raped then I think it is ok because it wasn't her choice.

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