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Do u believe an AR-15 or any semi-automatic weapon should be sold to an 18 year old child ?

Because when you are 18, your brain is not fully developed. The actual age of maturity is around 35. Sure you can fight in a war but I often ask myself should we allow a teen to fight in a war.
21 seems to be a more fitting age for this as it should be if you ask me. I mean you have to be that old to actually buy a drink in the US.
Do you believe that a person who is 18 years of age should be allowed to buy a semi-automatic
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, MVIP Best Comment
I think that shouldn't be sold to anyone!
Zonuss · 41-45, M
[@14020,FeetAreFantastic] Well I am not against the sale of the gun. Im against it being sold to people who are not in law enforcement, and in the military.
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, MVIP
[@322117,Zonuss] Yes that's basically what I meant too.
MethDozer · M
[@322117,Zonuss] Yeah, nothing like good old monopoly of violence by police.

I have no problem with it. There simply needs to be stricter background checks, and more mental health awareness. I think there should be a MMPI evaluation for anyone who wants to own a gun. A standard should be set. There should also be mandatory safety and marksmanship training.

MMPI is Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It is an extensive and thorough test that is used to evaluate people's mental conditions.
[@3557,puck61] I kind of like the idea, but an MMPI raises cost issues which could get the whole thing bogged down pretty quickly.
Honestly, no. I get the hypocrisy of military service thing and I sure thought differently when I was 18.

But practically, if you're too young to rent a car, why should you be old enough to buy a dangerous weapon.

Let a parent Co sign for the gun and expressly accept full responsibility, and I might be ok with it.

But I also I think that failure to report a stolen or missing gun should be a criminal offense.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
[@479686,MistyCee] Interesting.
bowman81 · M
Should they be allowed to drive, or vote, or enter into contracts? In some states you can still buy a drink at 18. You tell me. Perhaps we should restrict voting until after age 35? There are literally millions of mature law abiding 18 yrs olds out there who own and or have access to weapons, semi auto and others....who are fully functional adult members of our society.
MethDozer · M
[@424751,bowman81] No state allows under 21 buying of alcohol. Most states allow a parent or legal guardian to serve it to them but not in an establishment and a few allow it at an establishment. Either way thery cannot buy it themselves and must be served by the parent.
MethDozer · M
I don't think the age is much the problem as it is the continued ignoring of warning signs and checking for them. from 18-118. Not just certain designs of rifles or shotguns either.
Side note: I also think 18 should be the legal age to drink.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
[@521796,MethDozer] You believe that the legal age for a person being allowed to purchase alcohol is 18. Why is that so.
MethDozer · M
[@322117,Zonuss] That's not what I said. I said I believe it should be.

I think that's the age people should be full;y responsible for themselves and given freedoms. Nor do I think the increasing and prolonged infantilization of youth is helpful to society. Honestly I think the 21 age creates more problems with drinking than it solves.
Save that for another thread or PM, don't want to derail your thread topic.
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
I know a lot will disagree but here is my take on it and I am pro gun so there is no confusion on my stance.

Set the age to buy a semi automatic weapon the same age you can get a concealed carry license. What I have always thought was a bit ridiculous is that you can purchase a semi auto rifle at 18 in most states but you are not allowed to buy a pistol until you are 21.
YouCanCallMeDan · 36-40, M
Billy the kid was 18 when he killed his first man
Zonuss · 41-45, M
[@663939,JapSeyeKing] I know 14 year olds that have killed someone. Thats not the point.
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
Seems to me the states put lethal weapons in the hands of 16 year old children, and let them ride around the highways killing each other. Might as well let them carry firearms, too.
black4white · 51-55, M
I am an [big][b]HUGE[/b][/big] gun fan and i dont believe assault rifles has a place in a daily citizens hands. Those guns are built to kill people and should be owned by military and law enforcement.

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