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i am offered a job of teacher.. i want to do it..

but i am getting very much anxious about doing this job.. which is stopping me from achieving my dreams. i believe i can teach kids better. but I don't know why this fear also my heart beating very fast
dancingtongue · 80-89, M
Quite normal to have anxiety about entering a new job, and depending upon the opportunity you have the challenges can be great these days. At least in the U.S. most schools class room sizes are daunting making maintaining discipline a daunting priority that can reduce your ability to focus on education, teachers tend to be undervalued both financially and socially, and these days extreme ideologues on both ends of the spectrum are trying to politicize what you teach.

That said, it can be quite rewarding. My mother was a teacher for parts of 5 decades and I saw the way she beamed and rejoiced every time one of her students went on to great things, and particularly when they took the time to come back and personally thanking her for opening their eyes and minds to something or other.

If you want to consider first teaching job anxiety, consider the barriers my mother overcame. When she graduated from teacher's college, the Great Depression had just hit. The only teaching job available was some 500 miles away in a one room school in a mountainous mining and ranching communities, and the successful candidate for the job needed to bring in at least two kids so the school would still qualify for state funding. She had to talk her parents into allowing her to take two of her younger siblings with her, against her mother's wishes, take on a parenting role as well as teacher for the first time, leave her more urban environment and set up housekeeping in the provided teacherage in a rustic, rural community, all in addition to the challenges of teaching kindergarten through 8th grade in a single room. She not only succeeded, she and her siblings both flourished. Her younger brother later said she was the best teacher he ever had and the first to realize that he had never really learned to read, was raking it, and taught him how to.

You've got this. Follow your dream. We need good teachers more than ever.
Congratulations !!

This fear/nervousness is obvious to have, when you want to do something very passionately and with perfection, and particularly when you don't have experience doing it. And this fear get it's strength when the result of your your actions depends on how other people react to it, and how other people will evaluate it.

"One must learn by doing the things; for thought you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." - Sophocles.

1. Have confidence in yourself, and faith in god, to draw strength and confidence.

2. Get the curriculum & books that you have to deliver. Read them, and plan your class sessions before delivering them. Consider all aspects, like how to deliver the content, taking feedback from students, etc. Proper preparation builds the confidence.

3. Practice your sessions before going for actual performance. It will be just required for couple of initial sessions. You can use someone in family to listen to it and evaluate. If you don't have any such person, just make the recording of it, and evaluate it yourself, and improve wherever you feel the requirement.

4. Do not start dreaming about the positive or negative outcome. It makes you deviate from the reality. Which makes it difficult to perceive reality correctly and take correct measures required at present time.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice..

"Once you start working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest." - Chanakya

All the Best !!

Nelisme · 22-25, F
You will certainly never realize your dreams I’d you don’t give it a try. More good teachers are needed.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
Just do it or otherwise you never will
Then why go to school for it then? You really need to grow up. I dont understand why youre having anxiety over this

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