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Just how much bullshit is Human Resources at any US organization these days?

I have worked for over 10 major corporations and non profit organizations so I have seen what Human Resources does to people. Since 1988, I have been laid off 3 different times - none because the companies were downsizing or in financial troubles. I have had my position eliminated. I have narrowly escaped going under with a company that employed me. I have gone trough mergers and corporate restructuring. I have been railroaded out of a job so younger person could take my job under a different title. This is all before the DEI garbage trend that is being discredited now.

Through all of these changes over a few decades, Human Resources was the most chicken shit, back stabbing, two faced motherfuckers I had the misfortune to contact.
PatKirby · M
It seems more and more the reason for HR to exist is to make your life miserable while focusing mainly on protecting the company from litigation.
AmericanAvenger · 56-60, M
@PatKirby No doubt - the last 2 times I was laid off, I had to sign documents promising not to sue in order to get my severance. I filed an EEOC complaint on one anyway. I tell the truth of what they did on social media and to anyone who asks though. The greatest regret I have in life is not starting my own business when I was young enough to do it
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