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"Wives submit to your husbands" right Christians ?

Am I doing it right????
Meanwhile good dominants will empower their submissives to grow to a higher being and be a better self.

Right. It's called adult and child trafficing and slavery. A real better self, huh? None of us were ever made to be slaves to anyone. And those that do have lost themselves completely.
@LadyGrace that's the saddest thing in the whole world right there, that you had no voice! That really makes me angry because I know what's that's like. I never had a voice either but that was pertaining to growing up in my own house. My parents were super strict, so I know what it feels like to be lonely and feel unloved. I really really hate that you had no voice. But now you do. You can take up for that little girl inside of you that needs love. You can make it happen for her sake and never allow her to be hurt again. Love is not control. Narcissists don't know how to love people because love to them equals nothing but control. We weren't meant to live this way. We love ourselves enough not to allow people to hurt us. Least I hope you won't. 🌹
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@LadyGrace I appreciate the restoration of decent humans within Christianity however I'm a pagan now.i love it!
@chickiegirl95 Ok honey. ❤️🤗
That's the way the world looks at it anyway. Sticking to it your way, as you say, actually is abuse and control. The world's way is sins way, which tells us why we need a Savior. God's truths set the world free. That's what the world doesn't understand. People don't come to Christ because they have to. They come because they want to and when you love someone you want to fellowship with them. There's not one thing controlling about the Lord. Only misconceptions from not reading God's Word and seeing who He really is.
InHeaven · F
….no this is just lust and submission to sexual pleasure (sin). Submitting to husband is if he for example hated your friends and demanded you stop talking to them or quit your job etc. Then its sacrifice and submitting to husbands will etc, fulfilling the spiritual law. Not some sexual role playing games
InHeaven · F
@chickiegirl95 …um ..I was not trying to make it yours… I just answered a question you specifically asked Christians, didn’t you, in the main post 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️Thats all
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@InHeaven I pray to the Gods that sometime in the future.ypu.see the abuse you are subjected to
Kenworth4954 · 56-60, M
@chickiegirl95 gotta love this😂😂😂
The society that holds your views has men in the ladies room and school boards grappling with weather or not they should put litter boxes in school bathrooms. I don't think she'll be buying into your line of thought anytime soon bby😂😂😂😂
SDavis · 56-60, F
People seem to always leave out the scripture right before it where it says submit you want to another...... And they leave out verse the verse somewhat below it where it says husband love your wives and you're not going to treat someone as a slave that you love. You will be understanding, considerate, kind, sharing all things,

Submit does not mean what this picture is portraying..... Picture is portraying a form of slavery...... Nor does it mean to be under force, to accept any harsh treatment, not to voice your concerns or opinions, or any other thing that none believers try to initiate in the meaning.

chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@SDavis oh Hun this isn't force this is kink. Ok it doesn't look like it but the submissive holds all of the power in these dynamics. Many Christians also leave the other parts out to justify misogynistic behavior
SDavis · 56-60, F
@chickiegirl95 looking at how she was dressed says it's kinky but my reply was based on the quote / title of the picture which is a reference to scripture in a sense in a derogatory way.
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@SDavis unfortunately though there's often more Respect in these kink situations than there is for women in Christianity. There's more willingness in kink submission than there is in the churches marriages. Woman are meant to sit down and shut up and do as they are told in Christian culture often times. Meanwhile good dominants will empower their submissives to grow to a higher being and be a better self.
Dshhh · M
very much the truth.

many want to "dom" but most of those are just bullies

a true dom, uses heart and mind to free the sub to ultimate delight
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@Dshhh absolutely! Even us brats ultimately want to submit
Dshhh · M
@chickiegirl95 brattyness, is signaling.
"Won't somebody PLEASE put me in my place?
i see a brat? I know her secret heart
WhyThooo · 31-35
I feel like sexual masochists are made because of those kinds of beliefs. Gives me the ick.
Kenworth4954 · 56-60, M
@WhyThooo obviously you didn't open the post up😂😂😂😂
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@WhyThooo i have an amazing dominant who is the farthest thing from that. Unfortunately though you aren't wrong that's how 50 shades of Gray situations come up
masterofyou · 70-79, M
My wife does ..... And all Christians wives should the ones i know do....
chickiegirl95 · 26-30, F
@masterofyou eh to an extent then it becomes abuse
@masterofyou Did you force her to fuck, even when she didn't want to?
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