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What is 'beauty'?

I go out. I see people on streets.
And every person in different shape. Different hair, different face.

I look at her, look at him, I look at it and look at them.
So much things to admire. There is no to it end.
Outside I'm surrounded by the beauty of people.

Yet what about beauty of heart?
Outside beauty is clear, inside is mystery mixed with fear.

And that beauty is trying to lure me. I want to discover more. Except.. Wouldn't that be a dangerous role?

For unknown I'm craving. I want to reach something, even myself is being daring.

And as life to it is, everything is a risk.
Maybe undiscovered will be the most beauty to exist?

Now that would be playing with fire, though I'd call it a desire which could be worthy to admire.

What is it? Beauty of a heart, or beauty somewhere far, may even out of a sky?

So I was looking for a while.
In the end. Definition of beauty, might only be your smile.

Such smile with infinite beauty. As for me, I shall treasure eternally.

/Love yourself. You are beautiful./
JovialMoose · 46-50, M
There was a woman at work who was 5-10 years older than me. Sweet and kind. Tough. I loved her. I thought she was beautiful.

I was looking at group photos and realized that she looked very different (I guess... worse). I couldn't believe how differently my brain made me think she looked when we were in person. Afterwards, I noticed her imperfections more but by no means... did it affect how beautiful I thought she was...

I think beauty is a sum of many parts. I can't nail it down or quantify it because it's different for each person.
murasakineko · 18-21, F
@JovialMoose Indeed. Beauty is in the eye of the observer.
Personally, even the imperfections are part of it.
But once you fall in love with beauty of a heart, it will effect on the outside too.
AlienFox · 36-40, F
Emily Dickinson said, beauty can't be created - it just is 🖤
murasakineko · 18-21, F
@AlienFox I agree. 💜
[c=800055]Thank you for sharing . [/c]
murasakineko · 18-21, F
@valobasa4ever Thank you for reading 💜.
in10RjFox · M
Beauty sadly got applied to body when it actually belongs to the soul .. think for a moment all humans were born without eyes, and then you can see through the beauty of the soul,

Eyes are the curse to humanity.

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