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Who tf actually watches the midget Olympics

How are they getting money? Is some ultra rich midget funding these games to make their people feel normal 馃
Ashly26-30, F
What?? 馃槀馃拃
They鈥檙e called little people 馃え
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Ashly26-30, F
@empanadas wow 馃槀
thepreposterouspanda36-40, M
FreestyleArt31-35, M
Can they fit inside the nose?
empanadas31-35, M
@FreestyleArt apparently picking my nose was considered nose sex by the admins
The people with a midget fetish fund it.
DrWatson70-79, M
It is called the World Dwarf Games (it is held in Germany, so I assume the official title is in German.) It is sponsored by the following German organization, which is part of the German Red Cross and which apparently also receives federal funds:

The German association of short-statured people and their families (BKMF e.V.) is a nationwide society that has been promoting self-help in health-related matters and representing the interests of short-statured people in Germany since 1988. It has 3.500 members and is Europe鈥檚 largest organization in its area.
I would.. 馃槼
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SkeetSkeet100+, F
Midgets get disability so I am assuming they get midget grants from tall people
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