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I Know Pansexuality Exsists

The last time I posted about this I received a lot of unwanted attention. So much of it that I deleted the post, and even had some Sw members mocking me about it making stories and asking questions right after my story was created/posted. For those of you that don't know what pansexuality is it is when you are able to fall in love with or date all genders basically. For some it is about sex , but for some it isn't. I am not sure if I am pansexual as of yet, but it's like 98% possible that I am. I have only ever been with guys. Being pansexual doesn't mean that you like to jump into bed with everything that walks and breathes. For some like myself it is simply the emotional connection that you have with others.

I appreciate sympathetic messages and comments and this is not an advertisement for sexual favors. Thanks, butterfly1013.
I'm Also technically pansexual. I only really like Women and transpeople (the whole fgtry sprectrym). That's not to say I would never date a regular ungay man but I probably wouldn't because ungays are retarded. 馃槖
Laws and Unity aren't the same. We Know that interracial marriage barely passed in the supreme Court.

We also know that many a couple were still harassed and killed down south even after the rulings鈥.

If people didn't break laws we wouldn't need prisons. If people were truly united we wouldn't need laws. Don't be delusional. Yes there were victories but there were also heavy loses. The war on drugs and cointelpro. Don't act brand new . If anyone is ignorant it's you.

Spitting alot of sjw nonsense about things you've never had to live in.
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I made up that phrase so no it's ungay. You've yet to show anything鈥 remotely intelligent since you've started ranting. You're just butthurt for no reason.

You comment on drugs is completely off鈥 topic. I was talking about the "war on drugs" and how the cia planted drugs in communities and then the government ripped apart families accross poor minority communities everywhere. You still haven't even mention Cointelpro which show you clearly have no idea what I'm talking about or even what it did.

But I'm ignorant, ya ok bud. You're just proving my point. I'm done with this nonsense. Because of I keep going I'm going to make you cry, and I'm not in the mood.
DragonFruit61-69, M
I have considered myself to be bisexual and have been with both men and women. Depending on the definition of pansexual being used, I may or may not qualify. I can be physically/sexually attracted to a person regardless of their gender, but it鈥檚 not that I recognize as many different genders as some claim (i.e., is transgender really a separate gender, or is it a process of transitioning from one gender to the other?).
butterfly101326-30, F
Well, I mean it depends. You can be both genders actually without even being transgender. Transgender people do exists and they deserve equal treatment as everyone else in the world. In my opinion liking transgenders or shemales or what have you is also a part of being pansexual. It is for me at least if I am being honest.
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It's good that you've posted this but don't let anyone's negativity dissuade you from finding out who you are 馃榾
butterfly101326-30, F
Thank you! It's hard , but I will try not to. 馃檪
@butterfly1013; Your welcome. I hope you don't as I take interest in what I can learn about people. Places like these are great to express views but with it will always come a certain amount of negativity and prejudice.
samueltyler280-89, M
Why is this different from being bi, or is it that there may be no sex involved?
butterfly101326-30, F
It's completely different from being bi because when you are pansexual you like everyone. I can't speak for everyone that is pansexual, like I mentioned I am not even sure if I am as of yet, but it many ways it's different from being bi. It's a bit hard to explain.

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