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Im tired of pretending

Im tired of pretending I’m not lesbian. I’ve tried. I put a lot of effort into my relationships. And I have loved them, but never in the same way as I thought I did. I always felt like there was something missing.

But I think back to the times I’ve been with women and how complete I’ve felt with them.
Im nervous to tell my parents though.
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
Are they really likely to react badly? At least in my experience (all second hand I admit) people generally worry more than they need to.

Your parents are presumably much younger than me so have grown up in a time when homosexuality has become much more accepted. Do they ever make any conversation disapproving of lesbianism or any other non-straight gender? If not perhaps they just don't care one way or the other.

Or you could just go for broke and next time you are invited to dinner at your parents ask if you can take a partner with you and just turn up with your girlfriend. Unless your parents are really hateful they would surely have to accept the situation. If it goes well your father will flirt with her and your mother will be busy exchanging recipes and knitting patterns before the evening is over.

Good luck.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
I would be nervous too, until I settled into owning my identity.

I am not questioning the authenticity of your identity, but it has taken you a while to work it out for yourself.

So now you have to not become comfortable with it, but comfortable with accepting it as you.

I'd wait until then before you start coming out. At the moment, you may not have answers to some questions yourself, much less some questions from people who are not you.

But please when the time comes, tell them yourself. My son used an intermediary, and as I said to him, it was his news to tell me, not to get someone else to tell me. That was the most difficult thing for me to accept of the whole situation.

His choice/ his innate nature was for him to understand and for me to accept as just another part of the evolving person he is.
brain163 · 61-69, M
You have nothing to lose..........except a lot of stress and anxiety for NOT being yourself. They will love you more for sharing your true self with them.

Do it......and then LOVE the person(s) that REALLY matter and help with your being you.

Hugs and strength xoxo
Indy74 · 46-50, F
Just follow your heart and your feelings. Youve gotta be true to yourself!! ☺
Pfuzylogic · M
Are you transparent with your parents on most everything?
londonbr1dg3 · 26-30, F
Just about. Job, living, friends, dating life, almost everything. @Pfuzylogic
londonbr1dg3 · 26-30, F
i even told my dad about how I got detained and almost went to prison. @Pfuzylogic
Pfuzylogic · M
If you have an intimacy of understanding at that level then you can share. if you don’t the knowledge will only cause them pain.
MilayaDetka161 · 16-17, F
Hey 🤍🌼✨

I wish you the best of luck. I want you to embrace your gay to the fullest and I hope you sucseed.

eMortal · M
If you are in a religious family, don’t tell them.
ravenhill · 46-50, M
never hide who you are.
Lilnonames · F
Why must you tell them
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