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I Dont Have Six Pack Abs

But I do have a taco 12 pack! 馃槈馃構
Cowboy143256-60, M
EagleV51-55, M
And I just got hungry! 馃槝
iamonfire69641-45, F
MyPathOfTotality46-50, M
@AmericanBroad I like taco Bell but I can't be far from home when I eat it. Lol.
AmericanBroad31-35, FVIP
This message was deleted by its author.
Straylight31-35, F
That sounds better, honestly.
AmericanBroad31-35, FVIP
@Straylight I mean 12 is better than 6! It鈥檚 definitely not going to help me get abs though 馃槄
Eat up, make that butt bigger
AmericanBroad31-35, FVIP
@Laughoften lol it makes my gut bigger too though 馃槱
@AmericanBroad that tends to happen when you gain weight
Bignose26-30, M
@AmericanBroad Nothing wrong with a bigger butt and a bigger gut.
馃グ where have you been?
AmericanBroad31-35, FVIP
Ooooh tacos!@AmericanBroad
calicuz51-55, M
Love Taco Bell!!!
luckranger7151-55, M
A woman after my heart 馃槑馃憤
DwayneLungu26-30, M
Lol nice
Bignose26-30, M
Will you seriously be able to eat all twelve?
Lilred228931-35, F
You鈥檙e funny

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