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One of my coworkers is a very good-looking, older, charismatic gay man

It's really hilarious seeing all of the bxtches fawn over him XD They have no idea he is zero percent interested

It's annoying SW marks this as "Mildly Adult" just because of the word "gay" 馃檮
my friends used to fawn over my gay uncle when i was a teenager, lol and they knew he wasn't interested. he always seemed a little scared when they were around

that is annoying. they did that to a post i made about oil-pulling. it's a Auyervedic dental health practice they prob think is a fetish of some sort
@SW-User pullin' oil makes me hot
Harmonium192351-55, M
Naw it was the word 鈥渃harismatic鈥.
@Harmonium1923 it goes a long way

But he is very quiet until you get him to talk (but he talks in a hushed voice even then XD)
CestManan46-50, F
The say the reason a lot of women cannot find good looking charismatic men is because those guys already have boyfriends.

Food for thought.
@CestManan men need to do better
CestManan46-50, F
@caccoon you know what is weird though is a lot of ghey men are very handsome yet ghey women often look rough.

I think if a lot of ghey women followed the suit of ghey men, they would look as hot as Christy Brinkley.
@CestManan hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that's generalising a bit
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
My high school best friend was a very attractive gay dude. He's 42 now and still super hot! 馃グ

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