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I Think Asian Men Are Attractive

I think Asian guys are hot, just like guys of any other race or ethnicity--there are hot dudes, OK dudes, not so OK, unattractive. And "attractive" can mean a lot of different things--looks, attitude, charisma, interests, etc. I don't get the flack that Asian guys tend to get--too nerdy, too emasculated, not manly enough. All bull shit, I say, from my experience as someone that's dated a variety of guys. I date the guys with the personality I like, whether white, Latino, black, Asian, South Asian, etc. And no, Asian men's penises are not smaller than other races' when fully erect.

The media has fucked up our view of Asians, men and women. It hyper sexualizes women and desexualizes men. For so long we've bought into these stereotype. And it's a cycle that's hard to break out of. But in the last few years, I've seen a struggle to break out of this with stronger roles in movies for Asian American men and women.
annie616pop22-25, F
There's a fair number of Asian students in my science, engineering, and math classes. Many of the guys as well as the girls are very good looking. In fact my best friend and roommate and I had a fight over this one very handsome Chinese-American kid claiming dibs over having him be a lab partner. Double-darn, another Asian cutie pie got him first. Oh well, I guess it's for the best. We ended up being each other's lab partner. It may not be as good as having a cute BF but at least we make each other laugh.
Dionysus41-45, F
The sexual stereotypes for Asian men here in the States are tragic and whenever the subject comes up, yes the small (you know what) is the first thing that American girls mention which I find so rude.
FormerPadresfan26-30, M
I'm half Japanese lol. I even share the loyalty, devotion and honor of them, their best traits.
Wolverine26-30, M
You love Asian mans panis right..
FormerPadresfan26-30, M
@la-femme-amelie: I'm guessing it's something Wolverine lacks
@Padresfan19: god this made me LOL at my desk
FormerPadresfan26-30, M
@UnicornSparkles: just pointing out the truth...
AngelKrish26-30, M
Yes,true...thats why I proud.I am indian!
WiltingRose26-30, F
Nice posting.
SaraTG51-55, T
Me too hun

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