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Why Is It Some men can move their penis with no hands and sitting still while some men cannot do that?

I find it fascinating and I can't believe it just bounces around like that in an instant 馃榿 its like "swoosh! Pop! I'm over here! Swoosh! Pop I'm over here now.! Boing! Boing!"
tfan12341-45, M
Age, diet, health, possibly testosterone level. I can make mine jump, twitch and bounce anytime as long as I鈥檓 not flaccid 馃槈
tfan12341-45, M
@MysteriousRose Thank you but I have to ask specifically what are you very impressed with? My knowledge or what my penis can do erect? 馃檪
MysteriousRose26-30, F
@tfan123 both
tfan12341-45, M
@MysteriousRose Thank you! I think that鈥檚 the best compliment I鈥檝e ever received. 馃憤馃檪
Nibblesnarf26-30, M
I hadn't realized this was a big source of variance among men. How much does it take for you to count it? A little hands-off motion, a lot, a specific type of motion, etc.?
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
Wait there鈥檚 men who can鈥檛? I thought it was one of those things that just come with the package 馃槄
MysteriousRose26-30, F
@Heavenlywarrior There are. What do you feel when you do it. Like any specific muscles involved?
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Doing the helicopter 馃暫
tfan12341-45, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout - If you you are laying down on your back then it would be a helicopter. But if you are standing wouldn鈥檛 that be a propeller?
AdaXI41-45, T
Some men have superpowers, lolz.
Japrost41-45, M
Yes it easy to do
DMmeyourtits22-25, M
All men can't??? Huh
Asianpersuasion36-40, C
Everyone can...
BigGuy226-30, M
It's the flow of blood to his penis that causes a mans penis to get erect, it's that same flow of blood that causes it to throb ... that's why it throbs quicker or faster the more horny he is, as more blood flows through it
BigGuy226-30, M
@MysteriousRose i agree ... libido helps and mens testosterone
BigGuy226-30, M
@MysteriousRose ... now answer your PM
MysteriousRose26-30, F
@BigGuy2 Okay okay lol
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