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Two of the greatest mysteries.

I think the coolest thing about God is how Faith works. In the material world, when we see something we're more apt to believe it. But it works just the opposite in the spiritual world, simply because it [b]does[/b] have to do with spiritual matters. When we exercise our faith, only then do we get the answer, manifested by God, through [b]faith[/b] in Him.
The first one is not a mystery at all because there was no Big Bang. You can't make something out of nothing. You could look at the following as a big bang.....God spoke the word and then bang....it was created. 😂
TheOrionbeltseeker · 36-40, M
@LadyGrace It is a wonder, but not a mystery.
RenFur · 70-79, M
I wonder what the two greatest mysteries about God (religion, faith) would be. Maybe there are none. Maybe there are countless mysteries.
@RenFur I think the greatest mystery would be how God could have always existed without ever being created, but that's what the Bible says, and I believe it. Our minds are too finite to figure something like that out.
RenFur · 70-79, M

Well put. Also, our minds are definitely not as magnificent as some believe too ardently!
@RenFur 😂😂😂 Right!!

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