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I like to do adult colouring

This is from a book by Karla Magana called spooky sweets. I used Crayola crayons.
DrWatson70-79, M
Now that kind of coloring I can understand, and I can see how it would be relaxing.

It seems that when "adult coloring" first came on the scene, the patterns were mostly abstract and detailed, like this:

I would find that very tedious, and I would go stir-crazy working on it. But I know people who do find those to be relaxing, so good for them.

As for me, if I were to take up coloring, I would get a child's coloring book about dinosaurs! 馃槃

You did a very nice job. Much better than I would do, I'm sure (even with dinosaurs!)
RubiesandButterflies51-55, F
@DrWatson thanks and lol
@DrWatson Try looking up Jade Summer.

They do adult colouring books that aren't as busy as your example here.

If you purchase from them, consider getting the PDF if you can rather than the physical books - sure, you have to print the pages yourself, but you get unlimited copies while the physical books have phased out duplicate pictures.
RubiesandButterflies51-55, F
@HootyTheNightOwl thanks for the suggestion but I don't use a computer I'm on kindle so no printer.
Well done! Bet it鈥檚 very therapeutic.
RubiesandButterflies51-55, F
@OlderSometimesWiser thanks yes it helps with my anxiety.
Musicman61-69, M
My wife use to. She hasn't done it in a couple of years though.
That's really neat. Great job.
RubiesandButterflies51-55, F
@Camelia thanks
assemblingaknob26-30, F
Woah this is so cool
RubiesandButterflies51-55, F
therighttothink5056-60, M

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