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I have just had the most exhausting and wearisome argument on Telegram...

This person expressed the opinion that all pimps should be executed, prostitutes should be exiled, and prostitution must never be normalized in society.

Whilst I agree with his first point regarding pimps, who are invariably abusive of the women they allegedly protect, I took exception to the other two points. I asked this person why it is that he feels that way, and his response was to tell me that transactionalizing sex is objectifying to women.

I asked him which part of prostitution offends him, the sex or the financial transaction. He refused to answer, instead asking me the same question about rape. When I informed him that it is the force (by which I mean the denial of bodily autonomy) that makes rape so objectionable, he asked me if it was objectively bad to force someone to eat ice cream. He continued pressing forward with his fallacious comparison of sexual intercourse to eating, and declared victory because I consider the act of forcefeeding someone against their will to be detestable as well.

He is currently doing a metaphorical victory dance, claiming that I have said that eating is equivalent to rape.
pdxlinux · 41-45, M
Corvus there are many societies around the world, although not in the US, that acknowledge that prostitution is a normal part of society. As you have said, pimping and pandering is harmful, and it should remain banned by criminal laws. In Brazil, that is the way that the law is crafted. Brazil by the way is not controlled by fanatical perverts the way that the American GOP is.
NubbinC · 46-50, M
A good reason for me never to set up an account or visit Telegram. Arguing with anyone online is pointless. Most in-person arguments with people you know are equally pointless.

If you won the argument, what would be your prize?

The time is wasted no matter what. You'll never get that time back,

Nobody entered or exited the field of sex work because of your argument. You traded opinions. Find something better and more productive to exchange.
I thought you were leaving?
@NoThanksLeon I very nearly did. I still do not approve of what the administrators are doing to this website.
@CorvusBlackthorne Neither do I, but it's their site and it is free. 🤷‍♂️
I agree with the guy.
@SW-User Why? Why do you think prostitutes should be punished?

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