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Prisoner197251-55, MVIP
@Northwest not pictured: i added two lan drops to living room and two more in basement. One will be accessable in kitchen. Plans on getting additional router to stretch wireless to back yard. My ultimate goal is to have ethernet in every part of house. I work from home. My job requires me to have a hard wired connection. In winter it gets real cold in basement. So that would allow me to move around when i want where i want.
Prisoner197251-55, MVIP
Two LAN drops in basement. I need to add two more, two up to living room, and 1 to kitchen. Got clear pathways without drilling holes. (All i need now is a path to 3rd floor.)
Well, I guess you need to explain to us non-technical types why all of this is such a good thing! So we can appreciate it better, and pat you on the back!

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