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Do you watch anime?

If yes, which one do you like the most?
Currently and I can't quite believe i'm writing this i'm psyched for Date a lives fifth season and considering its a harem anime under ordinary circumstances I would tell you don't watch it i've sat through 4 seasons so far went in with rather lwo expectations given it's subgenre and have walked away with a deeply satisifying story that completely blew my mind subverted all expectations and managed to transcend it's categories in pretty much every way imaginable and and i mean my hat really goes out ot the sublime geniuses who wrote this and blended a story at the scale of a greek epic and fused it to a Rom Com Harem that also manages to be A romantic Drama to boot. The show is now criminally under rated, and for the first time I have a Harem anime i'd tell other people: you should watch it. it's the best harem anime of all time and has a lot of fans who normally hate that sort of thing.[quote]

Vladimir Lagos
Vladimir Lagos
11 months ago
Date-a-Live grabs the most outlandish excuse for harem and runs with it with the confidence of someone who thinks they are writing "War and Peace" or "Paradise Lost". At first it is hit or miss, but then on Season three and the Kurumi OVA, they suddenly hit gold, and the payoff to the fans is immense. You suddenly have plot, real plot, in your hands and real, satisfying subversion of expectations.[/quote]

it's a show that really punches above it's weight and hard, somehow it commits all the sins of anime and yet walks away being well written..
CTRLx · 22-25, F
@BetweenKittensandRiots oh DAL! I've heard of it but haven't seen it yet tho
@CTRLx I was blown away at how worthy of my time the show turned out to be. I've never recced a harem especially to a woman before but i'm carving out an exception.
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
Tokyo Ghoul, Evangelion
Magnolia21 · 22-25, F
Don't know which one I like the most, but I watch stuff on occasion. Currently watching Do It Yourself!! and Dog & Scissors. Though I will say, Shiki is pretty badass, the vampire series that many wish they were. A slow burn, but explosive.
@Magnolia21 I really liked Shiki. My niece introduced me to that one.
thepropulsivepanda · 31-35, M
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Trinity Blood, Monster, Witch Hunter Robin
SquidwardTentacles · 22-25, M
Currently watching My Hero Academia, I gave It a chance after years and well, it's really fun and I like the worldbuilding and how they portray the characters with their own flaws and goals, It reminds me of Naruto on it's good era, i'm a huge dork for shonen genre so It's good enough for me
CTRLx · 22-25, F
@SquidwardTentacles that's cool to know!
GeorgeTBH · 31-35, M
Dragon ball z
ANightWithNoMoon · 31-35, M
Yes, but can’t really chose what I like the most. Top 5 would probably be (in no particular order)

One Piece
Ace of the Diamond
Kuroko No Basket
Helsing Ultimate
Fairy Tail
RuyLopez · 56-60, M
Just finished Samurai Champloo. Favorite is Trigun.
zushi · 22-25
MY FAVORITE ANIME IS NANA... but idk anyone who likes it as much as i do
zushi · 22-25
@Magnolia21 oh no, praying for them fr. almost got a heartattack. but its really good series, watch it
Magnolia21 · 22-25, F
@zushi Nah, too depressing for me. Especially with everyone getting a bad end.
zushi · 22-25
@Magnolia21 💀fair enough
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
Occasionally. If the artwork is good.
Naruto Shippuden is my favorite, but there are others.

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