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I Think the Zoo Is Sad

Today I have been in a zoo for the first time in thirty years or so. There are a a few animals that made me smile (penguins, tortoises, prairie dogs), but mostly the visit made me sad. Especially seeing big animals and birds languish in boredom was heartbreaking.

I really wonder what's the purpose of a zoo in these times where a mouse click may lead us to any kind of picture. Some may argue that in the zoo we see the 'real animals'. How can we see a real lion in a small terrain instead of his natural savannah?

The only thing I really enjoyed was seeing the amazed expressions of my nephews and nieces, and listen to sweet innocent questions like 'why are bears so big?'
JustNik51-55, F
I was under the impression that what you experienced with your nieces and nephews was the reason for a zoo. Because a picture doesn't make it real how big the bears are or how majestic the lions. I always walk away with a strong sense of appreciation of these animals. I don't know about your zoo, but our zoo also educates and inspires and there are stories posted everywhere of efforts they've participated in to help conserve natural habitats and protect species from extinction. It's not an ideal natural life, no, but here anyway they're cared for by people who believe in their importance and I think the presence of them inspires generations to appreciate them and intervene on their behalf against those who don't. I know I take the more romantic view of most everything, but this side does exist and I think goes a long way toward explaining why there are still zoos. 馃檪
Enchanted56-60, F
I feel the very same way..I really don't appreciate seeing them in captivity for public entertainment.

There are a few cases where they've been rescued and need a place to live, but that's pretty rare.
True . Hopefully little by little more conservation efforts are made to preserve animals in their natural state .
[c=#BF0080]They're getting fed well.. I'm sure they don't mind. Probably safer at the zoo anyway.. in nature they become pray to other animals.[/c]
@Nik: I have been to your zoo and it ha really awesome . That one is unique .

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