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It’s ok if you hive a short title

Be a bear
Be straight
Be bi
As well
Soft and fluffy white
I like the variety your
Guilty soul flaunts
Like Lonely leaves
Falling asleep
That park
Caught before
Dehydration. Sets in
Tucked in a pocket
Void of truth
Full of fake
Nobody speak
About that
The one we don’t talk about
The ones Thats ruining
Ransacking our foundation
That all encompassing
Part of you that I
Accept, crave, desire
We used to have fun
Now we avoid stepping on your sins
Fragile as shells
Yes, you are fragile
You have sinned
I forget to forgive
put aside The theft
Demanded of me
One by one
The estimation clocks up
When to affirm
Fake a smile
Overkill the frown
Be the liar you. Accept
I’ve got a few years left
To grin
Stroking the Cheshire
How are you?
You are squeaky clean
Wet as a whistle
I presume
Escape yourself
Your misplaced mistakes
Give me all
Without having to ask
We can jump
Hand in hand
But my heart broke
Miles before the upcoming
Crash burn
Please please
Just Land

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