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Just a single,hard working, very caring, non- judgemental, family oriented guy, that's about it!
About Me
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Wishing you many happy returns of your special day.
31-35, M
To a bright future
they’re always so insightful and charming, you’re awesome🤗🤗💖
thank you for always posting awesome quotes!!🥰🥰💖
Make a wish?..

Hooray! Happy Birthday 🤗 ..
I enjoy the quotes you post. Thank you. 😊
Thank you 🤗
26-30, F
Why hello there old friend. I hope you are staying safe and healthy. I miss ya.
26-30, F
You are welcome and you too have a lovely day 😍
HBD! I know I'm a couple of days early, I hope you enjoy your day!
26-30, F
I gift you a rubber ducky. Because with your friendship I stay afloat in what troubles life tries drowning me in. Even though we don’t talk much. You’re always there.
Your treat for the magic trick!

One month to go 🙂 ..
Thank you. 😊 I enjoy the quotes you post, clearly. 😄
26-30, F
Can’t believe how long we’ve been online friends. And still trade text messages. You’re someone I can tell anything to and ask for help. Debate with. Or talk politics. Much love.
You're such a sweet man, thanks so much for the gift. Happy Easter to a wonderful friend.
Thank you for posting so many wonderful quotes. 😊
26-30, F
Thank you for always being there for me. Even though we don't talk too much. You've always had a way of sharing similar or opposite opinions with me.
Thanks so much my friend, the feeling is mutual. Always nice to see you on here my friend.
Thank you friend!
Thanks for posting content that I need to keep coming back to :)
Your quotes are food for thought. They've spoken to me many times. It's almost a daily custom to drop in And see what you have to say. Sorry for spamming your notifications but I really enjoy your posts. So thanks for that and please keep them coming