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has anyone ever been to a rave sober?

i bought tickets to a rave because my friend wanted me to go with her. i’ve only been to one rave and i started to sober up in about three hours and i was so bored and tired.

the rave is 9 hours long so i don’t really want to drink because i’ll end up blacking out having to drink for that long and then have to get an hour long uber home afterwards n that last time i got in an uber drunk the guy had to pull over so i could be sick so i don’t want to drink

i don’t want to take an eccie either because they make me so paranoid and it’ll be worse at a rave
so i was thinking about going sober bur how can i survive a 9 hour rave sober without getting really tired because i’ll get drained asf if everyone else is off their face and im not
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itsok · 31-35, F
That’s a very long time to be at a rave. Is your friend expecting to be there 9 hours? If you’re driving separately, maybe stay part of the time, and if you’re riding together, maybe leave for a few hours and have dinner and coffee or something.
deadgerbil · 22-25, F
@itsok Tennessee insights
hollyyoung · 18-21, F
@itsok yea she will most likely stay the whole time but we are leaving together so idk
Onasander · 41-45, M
I had to work as a usher at one. It was mostly escorting drunk women to the drunk tank, which we renamed the lush puddle.

I never drink, and the event diminished my faith in humanity.
Guardian · 56-60, M
Sounds like you've thought it through!
hollyyoung · 18-21, F
@Guardian yeah lol i think everything through
Christy123 · 18-21, T
I have … it’s lame 😜
mindless · M
I don't need chemicals to have a good time :)
hollyyoung · 18-21, F
@mindless well i do
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