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I totally regret asking a question that could hint at incontinence now. Thanks SW.

LilSapphieGirl · 26-30, F
Oh hey, cool. A call-out post for me! I finally made it on SW!
LilSapphieGirl · 26-30, F
[@1230047,alphavilleEquals1Over137] Nah, it's fine. I know I'm horribly unpopular, lol.
[@1081432,LilSapphieGirl] You're cool. I knew what I was getting into, I expected some kink responses, I was just goofing with this question.
LilSapphieGirl · 26-30, F
[@1230047,alphavilleEquals1Over137] That is entirely fair~ I enjoy joking about my sort of stuff. After all, how can we laugh at or with others if we can't laugh at ourselves?
You must be new here.
JRVanguard · 22-25
Did you find your pants?
Internet folk like to shame others to make themselves feel better.

I've never had inconstancy yet so the only questions I could answer is when I worked at WalMart and had to stock that area.
People see things from their own perspective. Sometimes hints don't work.
[@657449,ABCDEF7] No, you have it backwards. I wasn't trying to get responses about incontinence but I did. That's where the regret comes in.
Why? Did someone piss you off?

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