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I Hate Unhealthy Addictions

Addictions tear people apart.

For my dad, it's women and power. He's been away from my real mom for a while now, and had a few ventures with different girls. I don't mind too much, but yesterday night he stayed over at his current girlfriend's house. Tonight, he had a meeting out for work. My brother and I got a text saying that he wouldn't be back till past ten. He didn't say why, and it's now 11. He has been talking a bit about this exceptionally beautiful woman who comes to his meetings though .-. Him cheating is exactly why he's not with my mom anymore (and being manipulative). I can't say what he's up to without making large assumptions, but if my guess is right it can't be good for his relationship with his gf. It's not the first time he's come home very late either. He's still in contact with my mom on occasion too, and he constantly tells my brother and I how unstable she is and other bad things etc etc. He plays it like it's the truth and that he doesn't wanna think those things, but I fear sometimes he just does it because he doesn't to lose power over us. My mom is also living in Japan right now, and my brother wants to move there to do some schooling. I think my dad also does it because he's afraid of loosing him.

For me, it's gaming and computers. I've literally ended up sick once because I stayed up too late on my iPad a few nights back to back. It makes it impossible to pay attention during the day. I've been trying to fight the staying up late part of my addiction, and it's going mostly well. However, when I get home from college, it's so easy to slip on to my computer and call a friend and play games rather than study. As a result, I'm going to have to drop the math 100 course I'm taking because I've been doing so poorly on the tests and assignments.

Both of these problems have been on my mind a lot lately, and I haven't been sure how to deal with them. I want to succeed at school, and I don't want to have to see my dad ruin more relationships with other women nor talk about my mom in such a painful way. It's tough.

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