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Celebrities & controversies 1/

Celebs and controversies
Nowadays as if it has become a big part of common people's life, just can't find a single celebrity without controversy. No matter how big of influence they've but everyone has some controversies left to judge. It's so difficult to find a celeb who has no single controversy associated with them in whole career. Just doesn't matter how big of a fan you're, there will always be something negative out there about your fav as a reminder and it'll hurt you when people will judge them. And one thing I'd so clear and we should understand that the age of real celebs , real artists is long gone, it's just over. Most of the mainstream artists nowadays are not that much genuinely talented and ofcourse there will always be somd in underrated list. Still none is free of controversy. And when you've no creative talent you should have something to serve tea on your plate , so controversies really I think act as a money making tool in most cases, sometimes it can be even self caused, also media is always there with their dirty business open to ruin real ones but anyway we can't blame anyone, not our business. Just why we mind so much , even we commoners don't have a problem free life so it's ok. It just acts a way to avoid own frustrations and then be frustrated over something that never matters to us in real way, for angry loners like me it's just a way to waste time. When life is good you'll not watch such news, when own life is so messed up just will watch everything. We should mind on our own budget. There are celebs nowadays younger than most of us and have a sound career , just stable life so why to act miserable, and mind about them so much.
What more to say, these days just forgetting everything , hope have covered awhatever was in mind well but I'm not sure
So please pardon me for my mistakes kindly
Ceinwyn · 26-30, F Best Comment
I’m indifferent to them. We don’t live in the same worlds.
Raaii · 22-25, F
@Ceinwyn totally agree with you. You're wise. I'm in it with you.

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