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Writer, designer, artist, explorer of inner space and philosophizer of outer space.
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22-25, M
Undung appreciation is never felt, buddy. I now see what openmindedness is

It was quite the journey and you helped my character a bit :)
Enjoy your summer work and get well soon
SW User
SW User
SW User
Cheep cheep.
SW User
aren't you glad i didn't send a tomato
SW User
im poor now but take this mater as a token of my LOVE and APPRECIATION
Not quite the same but i thought this might cheer you up
SW User
you're brilliant. :')
SW User
how do you split Rome in two? with a pair of Caesars. (I was too poor for scissors. Garbage.)
I couldn’t find a pine tree in the shop so this will have to do! You won’t believe how long it took to wrap..🤗❤️
41-45, F
Insomnia sucks, but at least we're in it together. ;)
26-30, M
I don't know what to say that would help. But I hope things work out for you.
36-40, F
You are not and could NEVER be garbage. Spring hugs to you🌻🌿🤗🌈
36-40, F
:) to cheer you up
Hang in there. One day at a time. Deep breaths and reclaim the things you used to love doing, slowly.
❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hugs and love
SW User
A round for a very top bloke. Good to see you back brother from another mother. 🤗
It was between the pussy and the handcuffs lol
SW User
Hope life's not being too rough right now 🤗 miss you
i hope it goes away soon, big love😔
46-50, F
I’m lucky to have you as my friend.
46-50, F
And thank you for listening and being there for me. I’m so grateful for your support. Happy Valentine’s Day.
SW User
Happy Valentine's Day, Bärchen! <3
SW User
For being awesome always
SW User
this is for being so amazing despite everything you've been through and continue to go through. you da best, Bärchen. 😌
SW User
You made me laugh so here is SOMETHING. Happy Belated Bday my friend. Please forgive my fucked up mind for not remembering on the day. You’re awesome. 🤗
Sit. Lie down. Take it easy. Here's a treat! Good! You're good! Yes, you are!
SW User
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