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❤⚡Im here for the Catalina Wine Mixer⚡❤
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JohnnyO · 36-40, M
JohnnyO thinks you are Hot.
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JohnnyO · 36-40, M
JohnnyO thinks you are Awesome.
Coppercoil · M
Coppercoil thinks you are Adventurous.
I was looking for brave. I think you have to be brave to be adventurous though.

I've been in some crazy stuff.. I've lived in my truck.. struggled at times with self medication.. etc so I resonated with your account change story.

I am going to send you extra good things in my mind and ask the universe to protect you, for you really are a special person.
Trippin · F
[@58876,Coppercoil] My friend if only you could fathom how much I needed that... Seriously. I'm never one for drama nor sympathy...but I needed to cement all that was/ is going on in my life [i]with[/i] that initial post. For me. Had to " say" it.

I left an emotionally toxic abusive relationship with basically nothing but some savings and my dog.

But... Ive never felt so free in all my life.

I smiled just now typing those words 😊

I thank you for your kindness , your concern and your voice in the ear of the sky above us both.


Coppercoil · M
[@1212957,Trippin] ✨🌈⛅✨ and so you're new life begins. How wonderful. I'm glad to have been here to have seen it happen, I feel fortunate.

Trippin · F
[@58876,Coppercoil] Happy to have crossed your E path David. A fortune shared then. Certainly not over.... Hope you stick around. 😉