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Not sure you can really describe someone in a few words.
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Thank u for all the hearts馃槉
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
@Lilnonames Why's that?
@TeirdalinFirefall u know i used to block u on e p lol
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
@Lilnonames Makes sense.
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candycane31-35, F
Been a while since i saw u here
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
@candycane I'm always here.
Gusman61-69, M
Here I am, still thinking of you.
I hope you are becoming more settled now and are getting on okay with your relatives.
Tough time for sure.
Gusman61-69, M
Letting you know that the SW Community are thinking of you at this dreadful time.
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
@Gusman Thanks Gusman, this all really sucks so much. I hate being a burden on my family like this. Well, more of a burden than usual.
Gusman61-69, M
@TeirdalinFirefall Sticking together will make things easier for everyone.
Help each other out, do little kindnesses without being asked, Picking some wild flowers if there are any and giving them to your Aunty and Mother.
All the little things ease the way.
Washing the dishes, vacuuming, doing your washing etc.
Showing maturity will go a long way to being appreciated by all.
This is not a lesson, just words of wisdom.
Jayzed18-21, M
Jayzed thinks you are Trustworthy.