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36-40, F
Laid back gal searching for laughter, meaning and connection...
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Thank you :) ❤
56-60, M
Thankyou for the compliment.I know this isnt much,but I love the colors!
Hope this helps you cool off...LOL
you're very welcome! :)
thanks for the add.
31-35, M
Thank you for being kind. May love eternally bless you. <3
18-21, M
Your welcome it makes me sad that you understand but it helps knowing someone does.
56-60, M
Here you go! I love that puppy! Hope you're doing good there!
18-21, M
Thank you
Thank you friend. It’s always a delight to see you!!
SW User
Thank you and enjoy
41-45, M
you would have "many" of this with your chimichanga :)
Do something NICE for yourself on mother's day! <3
61-69, M
thank you, dear, sometimes it's easy to forget that
36-40, M
Happy May to you.
You’re welcome, and thank you for being who you are.
61-69, M
thank you, dear. I really needed that thought, today
51-55, M
Thank you, back at you! ;)
26-30, M
You crossed my mind today and I realized I owe you this gift. You probably won't remember though. It's been a long time.
Enjoy your weekend!
Star fish for seastar
61-69, M
I love pups.
Please, take this one knowing you always deserve the best!
You’re welcome friend.
Happy Valentines
56-60, M
I hope you have a great Valentine's Day.
36-40, M
A flower for a friend.
26-30, M
I am sugar
Vitamin C for you :)
Happy New Year to the lady with a kind heart, a thinking mind and a deep soul. May 2019 be healthy and peaceful for you.
56-60, M
I appreciate you. Thanks. I hope we can catch up sometime soon.
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