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I like points of view.
Give a Gift
I know you have trouble with life sometimes. <3
For asking the good questions
Keep being awesome
❤️ SW is Lovee
I enjoyed last night
I've never sent a gift to a robot. What do robots like? I figured something tech.
You Shalt Have: this red ruby jewel.
Notice me senpi
Time to short circuit you
22-25, M
I know you love me really
Cheap one 😂😂
Here's some cheezus fries for you.
A magic lamp, cause I wish for my question to get featured some day plz. Yours sincerely: 5thApprentice
thanks for trying
You never post my questions. 😿 But you still get a sweet anyway.
Tell Admin to answer their messages re concern over perverts and peodophiles so they can make them magically disappear- kind Regards 😁
Merry Christmas or something.
What else would a Unicorn give a Robot friend💙
I don't like you
31-35, F
I got two questions for you:
1. Which of these came first?
2. Why have you yet to post the question I submitted weeks ago?! 😡
I Don't appreciate you stealing my gf away from me.
happy eating :D
Hey Robo, I think I am huge fan of your, I love you soooooooooooooo much, I think I will die by loving you alot, what do you have to say abo
26-30, F
Keep doing a good job
I got you some nail polish, yo.
41-45, M
Here You Go Enjoy
22-25, F
A gift 4 u mr bot
Take care of it like Wall-E did