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I am a meat popsicle.
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for your dear head <3
I love you <3 i hope you feel better MFP
I <3 you very much MFP i hope you know that
i wanted to send you an airplane but i only have 2k coins😂😂 i hope you can keep a positive mind throughout the hardness of an ldr🥺❤️
SW User
Because, foods 😋
Cuz i love you so much MFP :)
Happy Easter my friend! 🤗
You’re always good to me. 🖤
SW User
I'm told vitamin C helps. Please try not to get sick.
46-50, F
Thank you for "bean" so kind. I expect no gift in return but it would make my heart happy if you will pass this gift on to someone that has shown you or others kindness.
MFP youre so amazing <3 thank you for being my friend
Happy Valentines Day 😁 I’m glad you are my friend 💜
26-30, F
Merry Christmas! This should include enough for a ticket to Norway.
MFPPPP <3 x 28479
SW User
no popsicles but here's another cold, tasty treat
SW User
Hopefully you like steak💜
MFP <3 to the power of 84600
46-50, F
thanks for the add MFP :D
there you go, have a sweet day
For you, because music is love x
🤗massive hugs🤗
22-25, M
Have a beer on me! Good guess!
SW User
Thanks for solving my "body control" issue! 😂😃
22-25, F
Good luck for your first day of class tomorrow! :)