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36-40, M
Decide for yourself
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you remind me of an owl!!
You’re awesome! Let me find you got some southern roots 😜
Ca va

i wanted to give a baguette but there was no baguette. Alas !
Give'em hell LC
26-30, F
You made me really smile. lol 🤗
SW User
Thank you for the lols x
You're so passionate 😘😘
Aweee :( i forgot aug sooo here :) aug anddd nov
You're really nice with me always, thank you ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ I wished it was a panda 🐼 but meh.
HBD 🤷🏽‍♀️
SW User
Dropping by ~
36-40, M
Now quit that flangdoodled honking!
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to you ! 😊
Hahaha! That was fun!!! :)
Good job changing the subject! You win a donut :D
Happy Halloween 👻
Sorry for cheating on you
SW User
Is it terrible I start to read your posts and as soon as I see words like “Republicans” or “Trump”, it’s like my mind grinds to a halt? 🤔😂❤️
Thanks for humoring me.
Happy belated birthday 😊
36-40, M
For You Friend
Here ya go big guy