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26-30, M
United States
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I am weird
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I Wonder Where Did Everyone Go
It's times like this I look back at all the people who said they were my friends, the ones that said they would always be there. I'm still here ready to do whatever I need to for them. I watch them go out of their way for others all the tim...
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26-30, M
3 replies
Dec 13, 2016
I Enjoy Being Alone But I Get Lonely
Everyone asks me why I don't celebrate my birthday. I tell them because it's just another day. No one really cares. It's basically just a day for the people who pretend you don't exist most of the year to act like they know you fo...
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26-30, M
1 reply
Sep 29, 2016
I Want a Girlfriend
I've had 3 unsuccessful long distance relationships. It's hard work but I always tried. Two of them just disappeared and don't talk to me anymore even after everything I did. I don't think I can do long distance anymore. But then ...
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26-30, M
7 replies
May 30, 2016
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