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Married keyhoder. I email , but "wanna chat", "feminize me" & "do me" messages are likely deleted.
I Love to Listen to the Oldies
I knew I was "getting old" when I started hearing "muzakk" versions of songs I'd listened to as a post-college young adult playing on the intercom at the grocery store. (sigh)
51-55, F
3 replies
Aug 27, 2017
I Wish My Mind Had A Delete Button
I wish that I could DELETE some things that I saw, heard, did, or experienced. Then again, I wish I had a REWIND to re-experience some of the things I've seen, heard, done, or experienced.
51-55, F
15 replies
Jul 2, 2017
I Like Spicy Food
I like spicy foods. I like Mexican food. I like hot salsas and hot sauce. I like curries - Indian curries, Thai curries, Chinese curries. I like Vindaloo as well. My husband never can find a spicy enough hot sauce. So, one September I bought about 5...
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51-55, F
6 replies
Jun 29, 2017
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