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46-50, F
A dream come true. Or a nightmare. I'm not sure.
Latest Replies to Posts
Kitty93: How to move on?
1 mth ago
Teggyb1: Some random facts I agree with that I found on the...
I agree with all but #8. The older I get, the more...
1 mth ago
Blazer420: Have u ever played tie up games with your lover
I don’t have a lover, I have a husband. 😆
1 mth ago
FagMan: What is your favorite place to have sex?
@HipYoungDude of course 🙄
1 mth ago
anotherclone: Certain people are interesting, some makes you wan...
Never thought about living in someone’s pancreas. ...
1 mth ago
anotherclone: Who here listens to Doom/Stoner metal?
Not really, but I do like some of what you’ve shar...
1 mth ago
JohnOlinger1: Ron Jeremy is A Hero
Such a surprise you’d say that. 🤣
1 mth ago
anotherclone: Would you buy a place at a cheap price if there wa...
There wasn’t a murder at my place, but there was a...
2 mths ago
anotherclone: I was going to say Wassup my bitches but sadly alm...
Sup, lover? Find any good porn this time?
2 mths ago
anotherclone: Small talk
2 mths ago
DavidBianchet2: Have you ever seen clouds like this?
Looks like a bunch of misshapen ball sacks. Lol
2 mths ago
TXMAN74: Would my mom be taken away?
They’re completely serious. Time to invest in some...
2 mths ago
JennieF: I was lying on the beach when he showed up. He sp...
@SoftServe my thought exactly
2 mths ago
UrCarStealingMyPills: Anyways I can't believe its 8:21
It’s 10:30 where I am.
2 mths ago
Heartless: When do you know a relationship has run its course...
When you’re served divorce papers.
2 mths ago
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