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51-55, M
Experienced in Kink & Cuckoldry!
Latest Replies to Posts
thatF1bitch: 🙎🏻 Don't be too hard on yourself for being a ...
I had an ex-girlfriend with a rape fantasy. She w...
56 mins ago
JohnOlinger1: Would You Want To Be A Time Traveler
What makes you think I'm not one already.
1 hr ago
Hugosfbay: Damn....I would not be apart of this
Gives new meaning to the words Scooby Snack I...
1 hr ago
OhhHoney: Im thinking about becoming a cam girl
Send my some nude stills, and I will give you my h...
1 hr ago
missbeez: Is Hell for children?
Obviously, If Pat Benatar says so it must be true.
1 hr ago
Ciaragrace: Who do you like more??
1 hr ago
badbaby: how i was made 😉
So you are a PowerPuff Girl?
1 hr ago
MrSmooTh: Hey look, I have a middle finger
I too have a finger.
1 hr ago
rfhh1959: Favorite sexual experience was....
Probably having my ex-wife riding my cock, while h...
1 hr ago
jscote: Guys: What typenof girl’s swimsuit do you prefer?...
I prefer sans swimsuit. That's the kind I sw...
1 hr ago
Mulder: Why is my son still awake at 2:40 am?
He's dyslexic and thought it was 4:20.
19 hrs ago
caccoon: Why do I always get ads for erectile dysfunction?
Maybe cause you list your age as that ag...
19 hrs ago
EugenieLaBorgia: Stop saying you're a vampire or a werewolf!! ...
Who taught you people to spell?
19 hrs ago
nedkelly: Do you believe the president should be blamed for ...
Absolutely, unfortunately I don't think you k...
19 hrs ago
nedkelly: Do you believe the president should be blamed for ...
Blame the man who started it all!! Without gun fr...
19 hrs ago
chubbycheeks: How many men would endure a visit to my milking ta...
My ex-wife milked me. So yeah I'd do it.
21 hrs ago
coolboy86: did you get this bulky thing in 1989
Mine still works.
21 hrs ago
Catzgano: Guys: what is it with balls?
Yes we do sit on then, sometimes when we sweat the...
21 hrs ago
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