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41-45, M
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I Lost A Family Member
Iv had a pretty up and down this week and in the middle of this I lost my grandfather he 93. I've always had this he really didn't care all that much for me and I FEEL I tried to have a relationship with him after my grandmother past which ...
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41-45, M
2 replies
Aug 16, 2017
I Hate My Job
I really do hate bitching and being unhappy with things I'm usly a pretty happy go lucky kind of guy but man work has really got me in the shortest mood. I'm only writing this because I try to explain it to bitter ( better sorry) but that...
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41-45, M
3 replies
Aug 11, 2017
I Hate Fake People
This is all this site is, is fake! I tried to come on here to be myself and to be real to express myself and to try to make friends but as I posted it is so hard to make true friends on here. Or oh hell if you do post something some smart add troll l...
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41-45, M
14 replies
Aug 9, 2017
I Think Im Done With It
I'm done with this site it is so hard to find people who are real and genuion. I have tried to make friends and but all I get are take people. And I thought ep was horrible.
41-45, M
2 replies
Aug 6, 2017
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