I Am Sick of Feeling Depressed
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What have I done?

I have a plan...
And the plan was ruined..
And I can't keep up..
So I'm falling behind..

Marcella on Netflix is surprisingly good so far.. Only like maybe one thing that happened that I had bit of a problem with that I thought was poorly executed, plot wise.. But it was a very very small thing so it didn't detract at all from overall quality.. Literally loving Marcella..

Second run through of undertale has been going much quicker.. pacifist run or whatever.. It's hard to evaluate this game.. It lacks a lot.. But it has so much to offer.. It's a very strange experience, it's definitely overhyped by whatever communities out there treasure it.. It's a strange fusion of a myriad of things.. And I know younger generations experiencing more creative levels of gaming for the first time away from their minecraft servers were probably shocked to experience these kinds of things.. it's weird to think about whole generations stuck on flappy birds, and fruit ninja types of gameplays, playing their fortnite.. Online multiplayer call of duty matches.. And Undertale allowed a bit of a craze type of effect to seep into people who's gaming experience was the equivelant to a metaphoric life of a shut in, who didn't get out much..

To people more familiar with RPG's and games that are story driven, or provide deep semblences of creativity.. Undertale honestly provides nothing new.. It is simply another masterful and well put together RPG.. Lackluster in many things, provided by a small indie studio of a couple of people putting a game together. But full of flavorful depth for people in love with the genres of storytelling involved in their gaming experiences.

The immersion of the world is properly balanced, it's full of humor.. It tells a simple yet touching story. And every section is uniquely it's own.

What the creator of this game could have done with a full staff to work under them really could surmount to a beautiful thing if handled with the same time and care was put into this game...

Clashing traditional tropes within the realm of role playing games, in a semblance that plays in tangent almost against itself, it forms a quaint and relaxing harmony, that is often missing from cloned rpg titles, that grow old in their fear of not catering to specific target audiences... Instead undertale is unapologetically itself, mostly reflecting the creativity and slew of experiences from the creator themselves. Bringing a hail of words, from a silent protagonists perspective..

If there's one word to describe undertale, it's charm... The game has it in spades with it's cast of characters, that easily become likeable from their dialogues given them. The game ends up masterfully catering to two of my favorite things within the gaming genres, Decision making, and storytelling... Unfortunately though strategy is missing.. Undertale could easily see it's own franchise, if the creator chose to go further along with it's development than the singular title it is placed with today.

Though maybe not as hyped as what is displayed by any fanboy of a series.. This is a definite 9/10 game... That gives you a solid experience, unlike what is promised from most games.. And I think that was all that was intended with this game, a relaxing environment, full of humor.. Though one of the obvious flaws stick out with the game from the beginning.. it quickly grows on you, and leaves you with that refreshing experience one has a hard time finding from a game about survival..

And also I keep forgetting to read my books for some reason.. I need to get on top of all that I guess..
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GLITTER · 31-35, F
Make smaller goals otherwise you’ll always feel defeated and never have that feeling good of getting something done and don’t give yourself shit if you have a day where it doesn’t go to plan 😊
AuRevoir · 31-35, M
[@610096,GLITTER] maybe my goals should be to fail so that I always win?? 😷
GLITTER · 31-35, F
[@410477,AuRevoir] hahah well you could do but I don’t think you’d ever get much done 🤣

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